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  • Why us?

1. Extensive products (Numerous Itineraries):
We have numerous itineraries for our clients to choose. Our product line presented here is indicative of what is possible in our destinations. We can make innumerable variations with the addition of extra features to produce several iterations. As we prefer customising itineraries for each client, we encourage them to request as many changes as they want without any hesitation until they have what they want.

2. We know our destination well (Local Knowledge):
We have been able to gather extensive local expertise during our long involvement in the field so that all itineraries that we design packs-in authentic experiences typical of that area. To keep ourselves abreast of the regular changes we frequently update our knowledge pool through inspection tours, referral with local resource persons, and public domain data.

3. We only choose the best. (Curated Products):
The products that we offer in our itineraries are carefully handpicked by us through personal inspections and then through the feedback received from our customers. As a result, we hardly go wrong with our selection of accommodation, mode of transport, sightseeing places and the route we choose. Our first and foremost preference is to offer the best products to match your budget, time and choice.

4. We offer the best value for your money (Quality of Service):
We believe that there is nothing called “cheap and best”. Quality commands cost. We opt not to be cheap but competitive so that we can create value for money you spend, and time you dedicate to the trip.

We avoid offering substandard services just to close our sales by accepting unbelievable prices. Therefore you can expect to receive service worth every penny you have spent. We hate to disappoint. Nevertheless, we will match or better the prices you have been offered precisely for the identical (or better) services.

5. Real life experiences:
The Internet is full of duplicities and tall tales. However, we opt to create something that follows out-of-the-ordinary routes. We also incorporate subtle tweaks, wherever possible, that will set our itineraries way apart from the rest. As a result, you will have a real-life experience that may include interaction with the locals, learning to cook local foods, participating in the indigenous customs and rituals, or merely share meals with the locals.

6. Health and Safety:
We always put health and safety of our client in the forefront. Thus, we employ field staff that is well informed about the local conditions, vulnerabilities, climatic conditions, political situation. They are also amply trained in culinary hygiene, essential medication, basic first aid, altitude sickness, evacuation procedures and so on. We maintain a good connection with the medical facilities, rescue organisations, medics, helicopter rescue companies for a rapid evacuation and medical attention in case of emergencies.

7. Trained & Motivated Team:
We only employ licensed field staff that is highly trained, well informed and motivated. They are not just friendly and cooperative; they are also capable of making right decisions independently in the field when they are far away and disconnected from their base. They are also capable of surprising you with some on-the-site changes and additions to the itinerary to provide you out-of-the-world experiences.

8. Timely Response:
We will reply to your queries within 24 hours deadline in most cases. When there is a need for extra time, in some unavoidable circumstances, we shall keep our clients well informed about the progress.